Highly Talented Industry Emissary Joins the Board of Atlas

Atlas Outsourcing
21 August, 2020

Atlas Outsourcing today announced the appointment of Ms Soula Cargakis to the company Board. Ms Cargakis will hold the position of Non-Executive Board Member to commence on September 1st, 2020.

Ms Cargakis brings to Atlas Outsourcing over 30 years of experience in the wealth industry in multi-faceted roles subsequently developing a unique and extraordinary knowledge and multifarious skills sets across the diverse areas of the Australian Financial Advising sector.

Her extensive erudition is supported by her professional career association in a senior capacity with Australia’s leading community of financial advisers, Centrepoint Alliance, a nationally renowned entity in the Financial Advising Industry.

Ms Cargakis joins the existing multi-talented Board who have been responsible for bringing the organisation to the forefront in supporting the Australian Financial Advising sector and achieving significant advances in the company’s unique and contemporary approaches.

As the company continues to rapidly expand, Ms Cargakis will bring a skill set that will complement the company’s aims and objectives.

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