Executive Team


Dr. Peter Hartley

Non-Executive Chairman

I have a multi-discipline background in health, sociology, education, and senior executive leadership and management spanning over 30 years. Nationally and internationally renowned as a leader in Education and Senior Management I have been invited on numerous occasions to deliver programs, consult and present on multifaceted aspects of academic leadership, clinical practice, and corporate governance, compliance and accreditation. Over the past decade I have held senior leadership positions within a number of professional bodies and industry boards, both national and internationally, and have served as the National President of a peak industry professional body building corporate governance and compliance, corporatising the organisation and promoting the profession to gain public safety and confidence. My expertise is influencing policy development both at State and Federal Government levels, and supporting agencies to understand the complexities of high level strategic and operational planning and attaining corporate goals within a strong governance and quality assurance framework underpinned by regulatory compliance.

Jason Cutrupi


Jason has a multi-discipline background incorporating high level management, corporate development, including 25 years’ experience within the Australian Financial Planning Industry both as an Adviser and a Licensee. Jason’s areas of specialisation have primarily been concentrated on providing professional services to Financial Advisers within a quality, reliability and cost competitiveness framework. Jason’s ongoing commitment to the delivery of high-level quality service ensures that he strives for excellence within the team and provides the corporate resources available in supporting the team in achieving the best outcomes for clients within a competitive and compliant environment. Atlas Outsourcing’s capacity to operate within a cost competitive pricing structure whilst at the same time ensuring quality is not compromised is consistently achieved under Jason’s executive leadership. His dedication to staff professional development has provided an ongoing environment where staff are empowered to grow within the business. Personally, the underpinning principles of Jason’s leadership style is to ensure that all staff are valued, strive for and gain autonomous financial independence. Jason is an active CEO who ensures all parties whether clients or staff have a voice and that voices are respectively heard.

Richella Daly

Executive Director

Richella is a qualified Financial Adviser with extensive practical and managerial / leadership experience. Her extensive background has incorporated varying roles within the Australian Financial Industry ranging from high-level administration, para-planning, financial advising, compliance management, systemising of process, and the ongoing professional development and training of staff. Richella is well known and highly respected within the Australian Financial Planning Sector, holding expansive knowledge not only of the industry, but also advanced system approaches that underpin quality and integrity, ensuring definitive outcomes for clients. She holds significant capacity to monitor, adjust and adapt readily to the ever-changing environment of the Australian Financial Planning Sector, ensuring that Atlas Outsourcing is contemporary in all that it undertakes. Richella commenced managing both the Bangkok and Manila offices for Atlas Outsourcing Pty Ltd in November of 2011. Throughout this time she has trained a highly skilled team of Filipino Nationals, enabling them to provide the back office administrative functions for financial advisers all over Australia.

Soula Cargakis

Non-Executive Board Member

Soula has over 30 years of experience in the wealth industry in multi-faceted roles, developing unique and extraordinary knowledge and multifarious skill sets across the diverse areas of the Australian Financial Advising sector. Her extensive erudition is supported by her professional career association in a senior capacity with Australia's leading community of financial advisers, Centrepoint Alliance, a nationally renowned entity in the Financial Advising Industry. Soula also brings to Atlas Outsourcing her exceptional relationship building skills, professional networking capabilities, and a comprehensive understanding of the Atlas Outsourcing core business. Since retiring from her full-time obligations, Soula continues to share her extensive experience and knowledge by mentoring women in the financial planning industry and serving as a non-executive director. She also currently serves as the Vice President of Fronditha Care, a not for profit aged care organisation. Soula is a member of AICD.