Senior Management Team


Clydenn Ciubal

Clydenn Ciubal brings to Atlas Outsourcing considerable experience and high level managerial skills having graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and an associated Minor in Advertising. Clydenn commenced her career as a Marketing Executive, establishing herself as a strong leader in the workforce, with leadership capabilities and mentorship being her recognised forte. She came to Atlas Outsourcing in 2014 to follow her desire to break into the financial advisory industry. Having had the high level executive experience prior to her arrival at Atlas Outsourcing, combined with a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the organisations operational demands and requirements from the ground level up, Clydenn is a valuable asset to Atlas Outsourcing as the Director of Operations managing the Manila team.

Kenneth Lanzon

Kenneth Lanzon brings to Atlas Outsourcing an extraordinary background within the financial sector and proven high level performance in accounting and data analysis management. Holding accredited qualifications as an accountant Kenneth’s focused area of expertise has been within Financial and Management Accounting, as such being a perfect fit for Atlas Outsourcing. Commencing with the Company on 2016, Kenneth displayed a passion for all aspects of financial advising. This combined with strong self-motivation and eagerness to learn all aspects of the industry has seen Kenneth successfully grasping the nuances that constantly overarch the Australian Financial Planning Industry. His enthusiasm, versatility and personable nature has gained him considerable respect from his colleagues as an esteemed professional associate. Kenneth is located in Manila.

Jennelyn Labonite

Jennelyn Labonite graduated from College in 2013 and was successful in attaining a position with Atlas Outsourcing in administration. Soon after commencing at Atlas, Jennelyn displayed considerable leadership capabilities, and rapidly developed a comprehensive understanding of the work undertaken at Atlas Outsourcing at all levels. Jennelyn brings to her role, a strong capacity to expertly grasp comprehensive understandings of organisational processes within a quality framework, form valuable working relationships within the company and our key stakeholders, and high-level leadership capabilities. Her ongoing enthusiasm and positivity towards all that she undertakes ensures her continued success in the company’s integral role as the Manila based Manager VA services.