Office Security

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Building Security

  • Back-up generators provide power to 100% of the building providing seamless flow of power in the event of brown out or typhoon. This system has been tested 3 times successfully. There are also banks in the building which gives further weight to the power back up.
  • 2 x 24/7 armed guards in front of the building and at the door entrance to building.
  • Security check as entering building and visitors sign in required.
  • If visitor not expected and name has not been forwarded to security, visitor is not allowed in premises.
  • Citibank Center Offices have a manager operating 24 hours a day 5 days a week.
  • Swipe card entry required and lockable office.
  • Security 24/7 days a week patrolling office and other perimeter areas of office.
  • When building unoccupied, Citibank Center is locked down totally.
  • CCTV throughout Citibank Center.


  • 2 Internet Providers. If one Provider is down the other provider will continue to run.
  • Cable Internet
  • Atlas Outsourcing has been given its own dedicated internet cable line and this is not shared with other parties in the serviced office.
  • 24/7 on call Internet Support
  • IT support available at office immediately during the day.

Disaster Recovery

  • If there are any major issues with Manila or its infrastructure due to any event, we can fly key staff to our Bangkok office to continue their work seamlessly. Bangkok is only 3 hours away and quite inexpensive to get to.
  • Being in a serviced office, if our serviced office has subsequent issues whether permanent or temporary, we can move and commence operations in another serviced office within hours.