About Atlas Outsourcing : Back Office Service

Just a Better Way of Doing Admin


Jason Cutrupi

Managing Director

I am the Principal of a boutique Financial Planning firm in Melbourne and over the years I have become accutely aware of the ever increasing paperwork and compliance obligations that an Australian financial planning business requires. When coupled with the ever increasing labor costs to undertake the administration work in Australia, I reached a point where I thought there simply has to be a better way of doing admin.

Richella Daly


I am a qualified Financial Adviser and have worked closely with Jason for 7+ years. My previous role at Atlas Outsourcing Pty Ltd ranged from administration, para-planning, financial advising, compliance management, systemising of process and training of staff. Since November 2011, I have managed both our Bangkok and Manila offices. In that time I have trained a skilled team of Filipinos to provide the back office function for Financial Advisers all over Australia.

Nick Morton

Manager - Advice

I am a qualified Australian Financial Advisor with over 12 years experience in the industry having previously worked with a number of boutique practices in Australia and two large advice firms in Singapore. My role at Atlas Outsourcing is to provide advisory and technical input to our Statement of Advice process and ensure smooth delivery of a quality product to our Australia financial advisor customer base. I work closely in conjunction with our clients to ensure our products are tailored to their individual requirements.